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    Classified ads are free to any member in good standing.  Neither the “Utah Pheasant Society, inc.” or its officers will guarantee the integrity of the advertisers. It is up to the seller to provide the proper permits or documents as needed to the buyer.   The “Utah Pheasant Society, inc.” along with its officers will not be a party to any misunderstandings between the buyer  and the seller.  These ads will also be posted on our web site unless otherwise instructed.   Non-members prices are 20 cents per 5 space per newsletter .  All classifieds must be sent to the editor before the  25th of  the month prior to the month that you want it printed.  Your ad must include prices. Your ad will be put in for one month only  unless I am told  differently. sjaviaryut@gmail.com 
It’s always a good idea to bring your own boxes or carriers 
 if you plan on purchasing birds

One of the best sources of information on pheasants, etc. for the “Utah Pheasant Society, inc.” newsletter are from our members.  You  are the experts on breeding, care, diseases and other areas of interest.  If you have information you would like to share please submit it.  Human interest stories related to birds are welcome.  We would like your thoughts & your questions.  Please send all of your info, questions & classifieds in to Joyce by the 25th of the month before the news letter comes out. e-mail ...sjaviaryut@aol.com. Mailing address is in the Breeders Guide.  Suggestions are always taken in good spirit and are appreciated!!!!
      Just a thought about deadlines that I need to share 
I post deadlines for a reason. You just shouldn't call on the 26th when the deadline is the 25th & expect me to put what you want it in the news letter. I have to allow time to put things together so that everything can fit and find what I have to fit in.  I print it at home, staple, tape it together, stamps & put labels on & it all takes time.  The news letters have to be mailed and delivered by 1 week before the meeting or event.
 I do have  things in my personal life that I have to do & work around!    just sayin'!!!!

Shipping information for birds
     When shipping birds it is important to check with the postal  service to see if there is a flight going out the day that you plan to ship.  Some offices don’t always accept live animals for some reason.  Here is a list of zip codes that do not accept for shipping and receiving. These are the first 3 numbers of the zip:  
Never accept:  246 - 253, 255 - 259, 266, 620 - 639
Will accept but not on Fridays: 710 - 714, 730 - 732, 734 - 738, 740 - 749
     All others will accept Monday thru Saturday.  It is always better to ship  during the early part of the week to avoid the birds sitting in a P.O. over the weekend.  Most Express Mail shipments will arrive at their destination within  2 -3 days.

Notice to breeders that are advertising/purchasing Endangered Species
     The offer to sell endangered species or any wildlife is contingent upon receipt by the purchaser (or the seller, in the case of exports), of a valid permit for the transaction issued by the “U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service”,  Office of Management Authority,  4401 N. Fairfax Drive, room 432, Arlington, VA. 22203   or 703-358-2104.