American Pheasant & Waterfowl Society

    "A.P.W.S." magazine & Subscription

    c/o E.T. Trader

    6220 Bullbeggar Road

    Withams, VA. 23488

    Annual Dues $25.00

    website:  http://www.apwsbirds.com/ 


    Carolina/Virginia Pheasant & Waterfowl Soc.

    6220 Bullbeggar Road

    Withams, VA. 23488

    Quarterly Magazine "Wing Tips"

    Classifieds free to members, annual directory

    Quarterly meetings & tailgates

    website: http://www.cvpws.com


    California Game Breeders Assoc.

    C/O Dann Dunst, Editor

    1384 Norwood Court

     Upland, CA. 91786-4342

     Membership $21, monthly news letter

     e-mail: Dannd@aol.com

     website: http://www.cgba-avianbreeders.org/


   "Gazzette" magazine

    P.O. Box 171227

    Salt Lake City, Utah 84117

    $23.95 per yr. or $44.95 2 yrs.

    Quarterly magazine

  website: http://www.gamebird.com                                                       


     Heart of America Game Breeders Assoc.

     Annual dues  $10.00, 9 -8 page newsletter with

     color insert, free ads for members&Breeders Guide

     Terry Smith, President/Editor

     14000 W. 215th St.

     Bucyrus, KS. 66013


    Inland Bird Breeders

    c/o Chuck & Nancy Ward

    3094 Graceland Way

    Corona, CA. 92882-6860

    Annual Dues: $20.00


     Michigan Bird & Game Bird

     9462 Clay Road

     Traverse City, MI  49684

     Dues: $15.00 family or single membership

     e-mail: wcouncill@charter.net

     website: http://www.mbgba.com/  



  San Diego County Game Bird Breeders

    c/o Kenny Koon, Editor/Membership

    P.O. Box 21393

    El Cajon, CA. 92021

    Annual Dues: $18.00 12 bulletins yearly


     Wisconsin Bird & Game Breeders Assoc.

     c/o Jim Gollnick

     4433 Lakefield Rd.

     Cedarburg, WI. 53012

     Annual Dues: $15. Single/$20. Family-6 issues