Utah Pheasant Society Auction


 About our Auction


     Everyone is welcome to come to the auction. 

You don't have to be a member to join us!


     The "Utah Pheasant Society" Our Auction Takes place during the month of September

   The “Utah Pheasant Society, inc” had it’s annual ‘Auction’, September 2017.  Approx. 11100 South 2200 West, South Jordan, Utah, by the Equestrian Park Arena/Race Track.  Map is enclosed.

Everyone is welcome to attend the ‘Auction’  & you don’t have to be a member to join us and bid!

Everything that is brought in to be auctioned off becomes the property of the “Utah Pheasant Society, inc”. All of the $$ that is generated by the auction helps pay for the rental of the buildings for the ‘Show’, meeting places, trophies, ribbons, judges, raffle items, etc.

We would like all of you to come and visit, donate & bid. Anything that is donated will be gladly accepted.

You are encouraged to bring

anything and everything  you want!!!

Anything like birds, bird supplies, equipment, white elephants, household items, yard equipment, tools, produce, home made items & anything this is still in pretty good shape and that you no longer have a use for.  If there is something that you would like to donate and will not be able to attend please call or e-mail Joyce 801-254-4680 sjaviaryut@aol.com.  We will accept  money donations as well.

      We are a non profit organization so

be generous with

your donations and your bids

Please remember...... that if you are planning on

buying birds to bring your own boxes or carriers if they need to be transferred from the donors carriers or boxes





I will always make room in the news letter for members ideas, comments, letters, articles, etc., that might be of interest to other members. Please submit to Joyce at: sjaviaryut@aol.com, or call (801)254-4680.